“I have recently completed eight weeks of insights into how my life can change, for the better, with Debra Wanger as my Bulletproof Coach. We have identified the areas where I felt I needed some “fine, and not so fine, tuning”. As I prepare to enter my golden era, I wanted to make sure that I am strong, healthy, balanced in thought and deed and more tolerant with the people I deal with in my everyday life and as a professional actress… I am proud to say that with Debra’s support, and often do, that I have tempered my driving language, slowed my quick “black and white” appraisals of colleagues, introduced several suggested additions to an already healthy diet, and managed to actually lose weight and 5% of my body fat!  Lord knows, I am not yet finished with refining and absorbing all we have talked about, but it is a healthy start and knowing that MY COACH is just a phone call away is an added plus. Thank you Debra for your support, guidance and friendship.”

-Sue B



“Working with Debra Wanger has done more to get me on the “right track” than any course, book, or program I’ve ever followed. As a full-time entertainer and father of two, I have often struggled to balance the needs of my family, the challenge of advancing my career, and a great desire for creative fulfillment through my work. I often felt overwhelmed and frustrated by the demands of trying to “do it all”. Debra has helped me to figure out what is MOST important to me, and how to keep my focus on the daily choices and actions that will get me closer to my goals – step by step, day by day. Her personal yet professional approach to our coaching sessions has been tremendously helpful, providing a weekly structure and manageable goals that keep me moving forward. As they say, the proof is in the pudding – since I began working with Debra, I have been busier and (most importantly) HAPPIER than I’ve been in many, many years.”

-Kipley W.