Debra Wanger is now appearing in La Cage Aux Folles at San Diego Musical Theatre until October 11.  For tickets call 858-560-5740

The reviews are in:

“Anne’s parents are played by Debra Wanger, who rockets off some fabulous, operatic high notes, and David Mitchum Brown, the perfect stuffed shirt.”  Charlene Baldridge, Gay San Diego

“Debra Wanger does a nice turn as the wife of the uptight, homophobic politician, father of the fiancée of Georges’ son.” Times of San Diego

“Debra Wanger cuts loose in a dithering frenzy as Mme. Dindon.”  by Tony Frankel in THEATER-LOS ANGELES,THEATER-REGIONAL
“Debra Wanger is fun and feisty as Jean-Michel’s prospective mother-in-law.”   Pam Kragen,  San Diego Union Tribune